Arduino & R

Using Arduino (or Raspberry Pi) is becoming a very cost-effective and powerful way of collecting behavioral data. Many labs are now using these systems to build their own research equipment. For instance, our lab tracks the movement of animals using RFID and Arduino is very good for that.

One thing that can be helpful is to be able to grab data from Arduino and bring it into R. This is a brief 10 minute introduction into how to achieve this. Once data is being read from the Arduino into R, it is possible to save the data as it's being logged or to livestream the data in a graphical device. As a basic proof-of-principle example, this particular video is demonstrating how to live log temperature data.

More detail on Arduino can be found here. The R library used is 'serial' - details are here.

Live-streaming and visualizing Arduino Data with R

Please contact me if you have any questions. The R and Arduino code for this is available here.

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