R packages

I have written several R packages to analyze and visualize social data. More information is available on GitHub.
If you use these packages please cite them. For more information contact me. I have written some vignettes for these (see GitHub) and plan to add more. If interested in collaborating on these packages, please contact me. I have also written packages for use in teaching R programming and data visualization - also listed below.


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Analyzing social hierarchies - tutorial

Available on CRAN


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Sequential Methods for the Behavioral Sciences


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Visualizing temporal dynamics of social interactions

Vignette 1

Shiny app


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Analyzing Social Hierarchy Formation

Available on CRAN


Apportionment Methods

Vignette 1

Vignette 2


An introduction to Rstats for complete beginners


HTML styling of tables in RMarkdown


Historical European Soccer Datasets

Available on CRAN

Authored 538 articles using these data

NPR interview about these data

Older data visualization examples in R and d3.js can be found here. More RMarkdown work can be found here and more interactive Shiny applications can be found here. All repositories contain supporting code.