R Programming Instruction


I am a passionate teacher of R programming and data visualization. I have extensive experience of teaching R programming to complete beginners through to advanced users. I have taught all group sizes including one-to-one tutition, small to large seminars and workshops and even extremely large MOOCs. I am also one of R Studio's approved instructors.

I am a very strong believer in using R to facilitate reproducibility and replicability in data science, its potential for boosting collaboration and our own workflows as well as its ability to empower individuals to expand their understanding of data analyses methods and visualization possibilities.


Some of my recent R teaching experience includes:

  • Weekly 2 hour R Workshop for R beginners to intermediates (Aug-Dec 2014 & Jan-May 2015). Taught to 30 PhD students and postdocs from Psychology, Business and Neuroscience fields in the Psychology Department, Columbia University.

  • Instructor in Exploratory Data Analysis and Visualization in the Columbia University Data Science Institute MOOC - "Data Science and Analytics in Context".

  • Seminars in how to get started with data analysis and visualization using R in the Masters in Sports Management program at Columbia (Upcoming Spring 2016).

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    R workshops

    If interested in having Prof Curley teach a seminar or workshop on R please get in touch via email . Some previous seminar modules taught by Prof Curley include the following topics:

    • Getting Started with R
    • R Data Structures
    • Data Analysis in R
    • Randomizations in R
    • Social Network Analysis in R
    • Visualization with ggplot2
    • Interactive Visualization in R
    • Functional programming in R
    • dplyr, tidyr, purrr
    • data.table
    • Shiny
    • RMarkdown
    • R Package Building

    R Slides & Video Tutorials

    Some R tutorial videos that I have made are posted here.

    An Arduino & R tutorial video here.

    Agent-Based Modeling with NetLogo & R tutorial - click here.

    Slides from my talk "Interactive and Dynamic Network Visualization in R" can be found here.

    Slides from my talk "Working with Play-by-Play Sports Data: Using SQL & R" can be found here.

    A tutorial on making animated visualizations of NBA play by play data - can be adapted for use with any spatiotemporal datasets including animal movements! Click here.

    Adding interactive D3.js plots to RMarkdown reports tutorialcan be found here

    Some further resources related to my R teaching can be found on my GitHub pages and my R Packages page.